I started making my video diaries in 2015. They are always about 2-3 minutes playtime at the most and usually just a little over one minute. I use Secondlife and mix it with all kind of footage, sometimes "stolen" from others sometimes filmed by myself in painted decors or in my garden. In some cases I film screened events or movies (when I film a screen with the camera... why are  these images not entirely mine simply because I recorded them?).
The format of very short videos has two major advantages, first: if you like a video it's so short that you might want to see it again and maybe even screen it a third time.

The possibility to compare your final emotion with your first impression seems interesting, did it change much? What do you make of it? 
Secondly: if you do not like a certain video you only lost just a small portion of your precious time and attention, that is not too bad.

My ritual "One-Month-One-Video" became my proud motto and I never missed a month so far. I like to think of the Roos Gartner Diaries as a collection of visual poems stretched out in time.

Roos Gartner

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