It took me some time to find my ideal place, and I do plan to work here steadily as long as possible. There is the garden and deep in the greens is my seclusive studio. 

In Secondlife I build decors and installations at the Piya Yiyuan Studios. I use MovieStudio 0.16 video editing software, Audacity for sound files, Photoshop and various apps for audio recording and capturing, encoding or ripping files.

Apart from digital processing I love to paint and to construct machines and mechanical toys. Sometimes these physical objects are used in my videos and sometimes I make them simply because I like to make them.

In my early days as virtual poet, dancer and actor I worked closely together with a group of international artists in a now abandoned Second Life sim named after the Wadden Isle of Ameland (NL). The Wandelzand videoclip was filmed there as part of the ookoi Wandelzand Soundwalk (yes that's me on the right).


If you are interested you can download the overview: 10 years Archipel Medialab.