300 soldiers

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I am ahead of schedule, or rather exactly on time, an opportunity to work a long month on the Vatican Machine and who knows, maybe there is more painting and crafting ahead. You could see my short video for March as the audio-visual extension of my Vatican Machine filigree. How endless streams of soldiers through all ages defend their country, rulers and/or certain trade interests. Lets say it's the shadow side of my Pope toy because I think Jesuits are never far away when it comes to world politics, including firm support for dictatorship and regime change. Maybe that is why I was surprised and a bit suspicious when I saw this Financial Times article...

My work on the machine coincides magically with recent reports on the role of the Vatican at the battleground of technological acceleration. This is the field where AI, ethics, law and corporate competition blend together. IBM and Microsoft have just signed the "Rome Call for AI Ethics" a pledge to develop artificial intelligence in a way that "protects all people and the planet". As we can see the stakes are high. The Vatican Machine does not contain advanced technology, neither does the device protect people and planet, however it encompasses at least a remarkable set of physical qualities. I think used properly, swapping the Popes can stimulate locomotion, sensory and mental capabilities. Seen in the context of the pledge is my whole project something like marginal "wrong think". Digital traces might be eradicated soon by these very algorithms that suit a world loaded with trust in technology and the free market doctrine. The machine itself shall last a little longer, but the whole thing will eventually be rendered useless and forgotten, as words spoken to a beautiful deaf world.


Disclaimer. A whole other matter is the news from the Vatican that Pope Francis incurred the Corona-virus. These reports if genuine, have nothing to do with my work on the Pope toy.