Updated: Oct 12, 2021

I don't think that there's a more appropriate passage written anywhere in literature to open this blog post. Somewhat reassuring to realize that Herman Melville wrote these words halfway the 1900's apparently nothing has changed since. We find this wonderful contemplation in chapter 37 of Moby Dick titled, Dusk. Starbuck, one of the main characters, calmly oversees his situation while he leans against the mainmast of the ship that sails into the southern waters to hunt the white whale. The scene evolves during the shift into the mysterious demesnes of night with a load of unknown dangers ahead and under command of the possessed captain Ahab. It feels like Melville wrote the book yesterday as if he dissects the current world affairs and offers some kind of mental path to keep sanity and cherish ones humanity.

My last two video shorts form the epitaph of six years of monthly video making. The regular visitor of my site surely noticed how I often directly reflect on the political situation and I think it's time to change that a little. You find the first mention of Corona for example in my blog post 'The Dove and the Whore' from March 13 2020. In hindsight it's rather uncanny that I made a video titled 'Too Late' already in January that year. The news about the Wuhan outbreak was still fresh while the piece screened at the BlueOrange experimental film night in Secondlife. I still smile when I remember the shout out of one guy in reaction "it's never too late!" something I'm not so sure of, especially now we are forced to use a QR code to establish our vaccination status if we want to enter a bar or restaurant or attend a public event.

I published my video 'Farewell' on the exact day that the Dutch 'Health Pass' became mandatory. The irrational divide between the healthy and the unhealthy is now officially declared and you need a smartphone to prove that it's safe for people to be in your proximity. If you accepted the inoculations you are allowed certain privileges, if you do not feel the need for a medical intervention -testing or being injected- inspired by a multitude of legit reasons, you are denied access. Just like Starbuck with his possessed captain, we lean against the mainmast while the ship sails into the night.

If the Health Pass indeed shifts into a China styled conditioning tool, it will change the whole of society. It's hard to envision all the disruptive effects of QR authorization for work, free time, financial transactions, Internet access or even basic living conditions... it will surely be a gross and chaotic period for people like me who try to avoid the medical establishment as much as possible and are not willing to follow ever more ridiculous rules.

So, after some 65 monthly videos I hereby declare The Roos Gartner Diaries as closed. I prefer to take some distance from the current events to concentrate on reading, music making and gardening. I'll probably continue to construct mechanical toys and god knows what else but for now it's time for a new approach. You can follow me via Art Space Dit Eiland on twitter or my personal archive on Flickr, I wish you the best.