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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The heaven of creating this or that, is open to all. It is a recurrent theme in my writings and once in a while unexplainable things happen in the process. Some will call it simply coincidence or oddity but when you build a studio practice like me you can't help to think of it in terms of magic or even bewitchment. Once it happened that I held accidently a Rose Art color pencil in my hand during the making of a Rococo tabletop for my video diaries. And ofcourse there is the freight-ship that I found on the beach, to fit exactly inside an old picture frame that I kept with me for years without knowing what to do with it. Little wonders like that makes one smile in the knowlege of being connected to a larger benevolent universe.

I noticed recently the more uncanny side of these strange random manifestations. I made my video "This Way" five months ago. At that time the first wave of the Corona crisis was fading and I noticed how the authorities changed from focus on the mortalities to 'infections'. These infections where in actuallity nothing more than positive PCR test results, but the ubiques repitition of the new narrative had a dark hypnotic effect on the people. Slowly it occured to me that society in it's entirity started moving towards a fully unkown destination. I thought of a green-screen film decor, a western styled signpost and I started filming my monthly video. The draught & dust, the sound of scraping metal in the wind, Corona Beach 12 km. All seemed good.

Periodically I clean out the studio, sorting, shifting and tossing stuff away. Yesterday I collected some redundant decor pieces that litter the floor to get a fresh start on route to my new projects. However to my astonishment a part of the direction sign from the This Way video was broken and missing... and not just that, it was unavoidably the part with 'Home ♡' on it! In hindsight I think the signpost must have been transformed into a mystical antennae, picking up inaccessibele realms. In context of my video the way back to normality was now formally closed. No matter how I searched and reconstructed the sequence of events, the missing part was gone.

Yesterday that very same day a new law became effective in the Netherlands, from now on one must wear masks in public spaces. The narrative is strangely confused because there is consent on the uselessness of masks, there are even many articles on the harmfullness and dangers in terms of bacterial infections and oxigen deprivation. To top it off when you go inside churches or other religious spaces you are exempt, but the authorities expect significant benefits in behavioral patterns. That makes the masks ritual a psychological operation. The mask signals consent to our new, subservient stance, and the loss of our position as a representative of personal freedom and integrity. The effect of this loss and the identification with the mask-wearing fellow citizens, stripped from facial expression will be spiritually devastating. The process of forced equalization of the human population has entered a new phase. So far I managed to balance the horrific developments by perpetuating my counter ritual, the daily beach stroll to check in with birds, seals and harbor porpoises. I am so lucky to live near the sea, all that magnificient beauty!