New things

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Hard to imagine a more triumphant spring breaking in. Millions are locked in their home, losing their jobs or watching how their enterprise is going under, art locked away in closed museums, exhibition spaces deserted, death and fear makes the round... yet the spring does not seem to notice anything. The same flowers blossom and the trees still unfold their leaves, lets not go into details about the birds and their nests and their endless amorous exertions. It's all wild and bright. For me personally it's time to move on, I have my video for April online, loosely demonstrating the workings of the Vatican Machine. I finished my vitrine/collage named "Why a Blackbird 1" marking the shift from the Vatican's influence towards another more vibrant theme, especially now: how on earth I can still feel happy and safe, even in this strange confusing world.

Why a Blackbird 1 - mixed media, found objects & Hornet (Vespa carbo) in vitrine, 53 X 43 X 7 cm

Amazing how the mind works, just as my emotional tension in reaction to the shadow world of political manipulation started to ease, and my mind opened up to new things, just at that exact moment something literally fell on my path. During the lock down and social distancing I make this daily walks along the beach nearby and all of a sudden a tousled bunch of winding shrub roots caught my eye. And in a bright instant I thought of Yggdrasil or the world tree. Imagine a nice picnic under that tree and slow moving reeds under a warm evening sun, I think it could well be that a new machine is in the making.