Swapping the Pontiffs

Updated: Mar 3, 2020


For some reason I wanted to make a piece about the White and Black Pope. Was it the idea of opposites? The notion of duality that came crashing down with the weird double slit experiment... in which the mysterious role of the observer informed us about the multilayered reality - where apparently it's not one or the other as I always thought, but actually both at the same time - as if both positions seem to be connected by a hidden bond.

Or maybe it was the idea of exercising power, where it's very strategic for governance when you have one party fighting the other, secretly pushing both sides and let them have a confrontation. Maybe it was just the pleasure of visual display, how black and white always makes a good combination. Was it my personal background and confusion regarding Catholicism, who knows? In any case I took a plunge from quantum mechanics to scrapheap crafting to end up happily with this finished mechanism, the basic driver for my Pope swapping toy kicks ass.