The Cadre

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

The philosopher of life 'par excellence' Nietzsche is the author of the fascinating phrase, “We have need of lies... in order to live”. For Nietzsche, art has priority over knowledge, elsewhere he states "we need art in order not to die of too much truth". One could think of truth as a sort of symbolic immune system. To live means performing a permanent effort to raise immune shields against the invasions to which we are exposed. The world is a limitless chaotic living system that we experience through the medium of ordering truths. This enables us to cope with apparent threats to our well-being. For Nietzsche living in pursuit of truth, means clinging onto something we could call "artistic truth" which does not claim to be absolute but encompass also error. It's a notion of truth as a vital life function that serves in the orientation in the world.

As you can see it's almost impossible to make good pictures of the scene. The cadre with the observer functions as a sort of hinged lid, closing off the vitrine box, and the stars and planets are elusively shining over the dimmed landscape. Something that one should see and hold in ones hand. That is what I like so much about these objects as if there are a lot things unseen and yet you can hold it close. I think of panels, left and right, like two doors closing off the interior.