A calm canoe trip

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

A calm canoe trip slowly approaching the waterfall. There where times that I had to rush my monthly diary-video before the months closure, not anymore. It seems as if my days getting shorter and shorter. I have my video for April already in rough edit, waiting for finalization and upload, meanwhile I was thinking of a collage, playing still with the black and white Popes, this time as negative image at the bottom of a vitrine. Using all kind of physical stuff like twigs, wire, clay, oil paint, and what not? I thought what if the world sinks deep in a pool of misery, black as a starless night amid doom and gloom. What if the internet suddenly goes down because the world leaders need to stop unwanted narratives spreading like the virus itself. What if the totalitarian boot crushes us all, like it did in China, would it make my day until than any different? It does not, there is just my new vitrine and I try to make it look exactly like I dreamed it. Tomorrow I will add the flying Blackbird and work on the lambs nest a bit more.