The Gift

It might seem odd to premiere my February video titled 'The Gift' exactly at the 14th without any reference to Valentine's day. Saint Valentine, the legendary priest with his annual romance festival has little to do with it. My video is centered around a modified empty bonbon packaging (delicious chocolate) that I just turned into a small political collage inspired by the Capitol siege.

Politicians, pundits and reporters have designated the ruffians who invaded the Capitol as brand ambassadors for the signature Trump supporter, they identify as boldly conservative and proud anti-left-establishment. The symbol of American democracy rampaged by a bunch of shabby vandals brings to mind that other scar in public perception, the collapsing WTC towers. This time the danger might come from a neighbour in the street. The Biden administration didn't hesitate to announce the domestic War on Terror and assured to deal with it strongly.

The videos showed a sea of red caps, waving Confederate flags, and the shirtless guy with the face paint and furry-tailed hat with big horns... wait a moment, we also saw just a handful of cops. Some opened the gates and assisted the crowd when they pushed on to the entrance. Apparently there was a rather weak impulse to defend the buildings and none of the guards seemed to panic and call for assistance. Cops simply stood by and casually chatted with the mobsters, it all seemed more like a theather production than a vile terrorist attack to me.

Did all these reporters suddenly jumped from a closet to record the events? And how super convenient that Jake Angeli, the shirtless horn man, could produce such a grand performance. In hindsight this was something one would expect reckoning his line of work as actor, voice over artist and singer. But what if... yes, what if those rioters were indeed special operation agents? What if we saw a bunch of crisis actors, hired to smach the Republicans a giant PR-black eye? What if the Trump fans everywhere are now labeled anti-establishment terrorists, wouldn't that be cunning and very helpful in the run to the Great Reset?

In another video clip we see the Trump clan laughing and joking, watching monitors in a tent back stage. The screens show the crowd waiting at Freedom Plaza for Trump to come out and deliver his speech. I wonder how could the atmosphere in that tent be so joyous and relaxed? There are two options I envisage. Either the rioters were instructed and secretly hidden in the crowd and the whole attack unfolded without Trump's knowledge... or the Trump team was on par with the devious plan and enjoyed the build up that would culminate in a deep divide, portraying Biden as the single voice of reason. It's hard to believe that Trump could be completely in the dark about radical elements in his supporters base. The Presidential team must have access to all kind of information sources, from monitoring online message boards to possible undercover informants and phone taps. For Biden the bizarre invaders who smashed their way into the sacred space are the gift that keeps on giving.

When the British military historian John Costello was allowed access to the Russian secret Trust Files decades ago, he stated that they comprised of thirty-seven volumes stuffed with a bewildering mix of double-agents, code names, and deception operations and that they had "the complexity of a symphonic score". Even Russian historians could not separate fact from fantasy. Operation Trust ran from 1921 to 1926 as a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, named "Monarchist Union of Central Russia", MUCR. The aim was to identify anti-Bolsheviks for the State Political Directorate, to isolate and eliminate them. Maybe the dark operators in the shadows of the political arena borrowed some ideas from these Bolsheviks when they coined the golden saying, still shared by the global Trump fans: "Trust The Plan". Trust the plan Patriots and stay low, the White Hats will bring the bad apples to justice, they all end up in Guantanamo Bay.