This way Miss Gartner

During these strange corona virus months I started doing what I since long wanted to do but never really managed to do, making the same walk every day at the same time. A route through the dunes on to the beach, strolling along the flood line for a few kilometres and back through the dunes. One day I picked up a perfect glass triangle, washed ashore, polished by the tides. That's how a day by day growing series of triangles found their way to the studio and ended up in a small collage, titled "This way Miss Gartner".

Fiddling with the backdrop painting that I made for the Paradise Machine, that got rejected later, arranging the triangles, until at some point I watched a warm desert like landscape emerge from these scraps. I found a piece of bleached wood, digged up a little toy auto-bus from my collection and before I knew it I did not only had my collage but also the script for my June video. I thought of the green-screen technique to animate the little auto-bus, the sounds one should hear, the words, the dust and the sand.