To keep the ritual

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

When I started to publish the Roos Gartner Diaries on Tumblr five years ago I adapted a set of rules for myself. To name the most important characteristics: my videos should be limited in play time, each month should at least get one edition, the sound is evenly important as the image, each video has the classic 4:3 aspect ratio, and finally they all start and end with a black screen. I never abandoned this format since, it is a soothing ritual, providing structure and deadlines.

Tomorrows Blue Orange Film Night threatened my One-Month-One-video rule because curator Ini asked for a premiere and at the same time my January video should be published before February! Fortunately Flickr came to rescue with their option of private uploads, to be made public on later date. I can now almost see you shrug... but one thing is clear, you can never break a ritual without consequences because we are all balancing on a magic table. That was actually the theme of my very first video short.