Triad Claw

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

There is a long stretch of time running back to a world of radio waves, vacuum tubes via greengroceries and vegetable canneries near Leiden, vanishing into the gray mist of the past. Ship's carpenters, croquettes factory owners and accountants merge into the brew via my mothers side. On top of that mental debris so to speak, I find myself carrying this pre history, occupying myself with model making, painting and producing audio visuals in search of meaning without any restriction of logic, social credibility or public. Importantly... also without authority.

As a sidenote, one of my first acts of resistance occured during the transition of kindergarten to elementary school. At that point Miss Stein tried to force me into educational discipline. I could not grasp the importance of leaving the miniature kitchens and bear dolls to concentrate fully on the alphabet and arithmetics. I remember vividly that warm day in the spring when she again picked me out to perform one of her rants, threatening me with punishment and shame. I calmly stepped out of my school desk, kicked her ankle with all might, climbed out of one of the wide open windows and strolled alongside the higher classrooms over the freshly mowed grass, over the bridge, crossing the old tram track, alongside the blossoming privet hedges at the Koninginnelaan, back home. This glorious chain of events formed none the less the end of my school carreer at the 'Lorentzkade School' and I was transferred to a school for maladjusted children. Impossible to foresee that one day I would reconstruct my walk via google earth, recollecting all these facts and details as if it happened last week. I could continue describing my stubborn rejections that happened over the years, maybe something for another time, sufficient to say here that I don't take authority very easy if I reject the rightness of motives.

That vivid sense of a personal task to cope with life according to my own rules never left me, and now during the lockdown restrictions and the societal drift towards dystopia I greatly benefit from this mentality. I do not need any aproval to work in my studio, neither money for my pieces nor applause, it's entirely for my own happiness that I document my reality models, write about my ponderings and follow my set of rules. I gladly disempower questions of authenticity and importance, for me the ritual of one video each month is paramount since I move from project to project since 2015. Let me tell you about the latest vitrine model or mechanical toy.

There is this hand fixed inside the museum, a rather problematic situation because the hand is life size - build around a leather glove I found on the beach early March - where as one meter in reality is thirty times smaller represented in my museum model. The atmosphere of this miniature museum hall is loosely inspired by Museum Bredius in The Hague. If only the size discrepancy of the free floating hand compared to the scale of the museum would have been the issue (with a little fantasy you might even see this as perspective trickery), but no... since I cherish the idea of creating animated models I figured out something else. A closer look reveals a lever on the left, pulling it down brings the giant hand in the remarkable position known as the Marrano Triad gesture or Triad Claw. My March video is a two minutes ode to this obscure phenomenon that spans no less than eight centuries.

Yes dear reader, on the right you see again our current spokesman for the Dutch ICU facilities, as I also pointed out in an earlier post. His words form the pivotal factor in the Dutch corona debate and policies, at least he shows a amiable smile or is it a grin? Anyway I am now the owner of a mechanical toy that can mimic his classical hand pose. I dreamed how my huge hand reaches over the ages and grabbed all the poseurs who were so irritating brilliant and cunning. How I took them all in one firm grip and banged them up a little, just to tell them that there is beauty in chaos too, in the vast fields of not knowing, in not interfering but observing and loving.