World Leaders

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Back to my outlandish cuckoo clock without cuckoo, I just filmed it in full operation using my good old Sony HDV handycam. We entered the year 2021 still in lockdown, yesterday the rulers decided that more severe measures are needed. Some citizens are not compliant enough to the taste of the Outbreak Management Team and there is talk about a new mutation. Therefore the Government decided that harsher measures are needed. That is how we have now on top of the lockdown a curfew and the number of home visitors is brought back to one single person a day.

Meanwhile the continuous testing with the flawed PCR method starts to bite in it's tail. The mRNA injection campaign kicked off and the experts need to balance between keeping the 'cases' high enough to prolonge the pandemic, and on the other hand lower the false-positive rates to demonstrate the effect of well-functioning vaccines. It is telling, that the World Health Organisation changed the guidelines for laboratory professionals last week*. As we can see it's very convenient for the world leaders to have the PCR test tool to regulate the case numbers.

Watching this shady mechanism unravel allows us a peek into the strategy that drive the Corona event. It's the trigger for what Prof. Klaus Schwab calls The Great Reset. There is this dream of a future control-grid to manage the world population according to a new set of common values. Permanent surveillance, medical technology, loss of personal property and merger with artificial intelligence will be at the core of a new social construct. Global corporations will shape this new system. We don't need to be surprised when we see Pope Francis at the driver seat to shape this techno-utopian society. Behind the thick oak doors of the Vatican, Inclusive Capitalism is key.

Call it unfortunate, call it sensitive, shallow or whatever you please, fact is that my work is deeply influenced by these kind of spooky hidden movements. I do realize that there is nothing else to be done than watching how this incredibly dense and difficult reality develops, It might be a whole lot wiser to eradicate it from my mind altogether, but it keeps me awake and it drives me mad sometimes. Therefore the studio deep in the greens is my sanctuary and hiding place. The process of making the machines and reality models hooks me into something best described as flow. There is the scent of oil paint, the dealings with all kind of brushes and the various found objects. And most importantly the ritual of one video for each month, by now forming a chain of over sixty Roos Gartner Diaries video shorts.

December last year I found the black stone in the floodline and wrote about the Kaaba and Gregor Schneider's Cube project. How it started my thinking about placing the stone at the center of a spiritual circle. In ancient cultures stones are often functioning as portals where sacred worlds connect with the profane. I thought of seven small cutouts of world leaders, somehow standing and wiggling transfixed around my shiny black stone. To meet the requirement I polished the stone first and sprayed some gold paint on the drift wood holder. It seemed right that each world leader should move in his or hers own tempo. This posed a sweet mechanical challenge superseding all my previous knick knack engineering, but it's done!

At the basis of the stone I wanted Pope Francis weightlessly hanging, making blessing gestures. He will direct the whole bunch, I choose EU chair Von der Leyen, Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, Johnson, Putin and Xi, but I could just as easy picked out Trump, Natanjahu, or even our own PM Rutte. It does not matter who and who not, because they are all just figure heads moved by the undercurrent of global money transfers and decisions by key asset owners. My World Clock is finished and I will be working on the diary video in the coming days, again life is good